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The principles of big boat handling apply to smaller boats, but everything’s bigger – including the consequences of mistakes, says big boat skipper Rachael Sprot

Expert tips for big boat handling

You probably don’t have the desire to own and run a 60ft expedition yacht like mine, but you may well find yourself at the helm of a 50ft charter boat, or helming a larger yacht than you’re used to for a friend. If you do, you’ll soon find out that the challenges are very, very different.

When I first started skippering larger yachts, it was the boat handling I found daunting. I would go to sleep worrying about how I’d get a huge steel sloop weighing over 40 tonnes out of her berth, and I’d wake up in the morning worrying about the same thing. Eventually I realised that it wasn’t worth ruining a good day’s sailing by worrying about the first and last 10 minutes. I made myself some rules to follow and parking became much less stressful.


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