has a range of paint and surface experts register online with us. This includes Antifoul removal companies, those that apply epoxy treatment and topside specialists. Boatcarecompare also has a number of the Copper-based coating companies on the system, these types of underwater coatings are intended to eliminate the need to Antifoul every season.

As with all types of anti foul results may vary depending on where you keep the boat. It’s worth getting advice from your local suppliers and other boat owners in your marina as to what products work best there.

If you are preparing the surface to be anti fouled yourself then make sure that you take onboard health and safety advice. It is important the antifoul paint is sanded wet as this controls the toxic dust levels. Most of the leading paint manufacturers have painting guides on their websites. One thing worth remembering is that soft eroding anti foul paints can be applied over hard/racing anti foul but hard anti foul paints shouldn’t be applied on top of eroding ones.