So you have arrived at and fall into one of two categories:

Either you have used a boat valeting company in the past and are looking for someone to spruce up your pride and joy again, or it’s the first time you are thinking of hiring a professional to fix, polish, clean or repair your yacht. Whichever category you fall into; you have definitely arrived in the right place.

This site let’s you contact all the local boat valeting specialists that operate in your marina and submit your jobs to them all instantaneously. This should save you calling around or sending loads of emails. We’ve also checked to make sure their insurance is up-to-date and we’ll be getting feedback from you once the valeting job is completed.

Please remember that we are totally independent, we don’t do any boat cleaning or maintenance ourselves although we have all sailed and worked on boats, so if you need help with a job on the boat, then post it.

If you have multiple jobs that need doing on your boat, then create a separate job for each task. Our system will then each task to the suppliers that best match your requirement. Don’t worry about managing multiple suppliers- you can do it all online and will receive timescales on each proposal and full reports once each job is completed onboard your yacht.

Get Started and post your first job!